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How to Earn Money with your own website

Why have a website?

Having your own website has many advantages, the biggest being control. You get to decide how it looks and what it contains.

Many people have one for various reasons, maybe just as a personal page to share with their friends and family or to sell products, advertise their services even to promote affiliate campaigns.


How to Make money from your own website?

Your website in effect is your front, just like having your own shop. It does not matter if you don't have any products to sell, having one creates many possibilities for you.

As i have a tendency to waffle i have below briefly listed for you the many ways you can make money from having your own website:

Ways to Earn Money with a website

Selling products - This is an obvious one. Selling your own products via a online store is a great way of earning money. Many ebayers are in fact beginiing to see the benefits of dumping their ebay stores and creating their own sites. The only problem is that ebay has pulling power. Ebay has the potential to get your products great visibility but it does not come cheap, for this reason, having your own site is worth thinking about.

Dropshipping - This is basically selling other companies products, great if you don't have any money to put into buying your own products. By dropshipping you can also reduce waist by only ordering what you know you have already sold. There is allot of do' and don't's to this though, i will create a page just for dropshipping.

Providing a service - Think of this as an online advert for your business, whether you are a gardener, accountant or even a child minder, use a website to promote your services and tell the world what you can do.

Affiliate campaigns - Affiliates is where you get paid for promoting other companies products or services. If you look at the bottom of many sites you will see an affiliate link. This is a opportunity for:

The webmaster to get extra sales, clients, traffic

For you as a website owner to make some money promoting them.

Advertising - Sell space on your website. Offer companies the chance of having their banner on your site for a fee or use pay per click campaigns like adsense.

How to promote your website


Whichever method you decide to choose to monetize your site, one thing you will need to do is promotion, the internet is huge and your site is just a small fish in a huge sea.

I have written many articles on internet marketing and have studied various methods for sometime. One of the things i do is look at ways you can promote for minimum cost. Search engine optimization is one of the ways you can get your website noticed. If you need any help with any internet marketing, please contact a legitimate seo expert.

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