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Ways to Earn Money Free online

How to Make Money doing Surveys

You can Get Paid doing Surveys!

There are many sites that will pay you, just for your opinion. These web sites are set up to collect consumer information that they pass onto companies that helps with their market research. Yes they do pay for this because your opinion matters to them.


How much Money can you Earn?

This depends on how many surveys you complete and how often. Some sites pay more than others. You can download software that will help you fill them in more quicker. It uses your pre stored information and fills out the bulk of the forms for you which means you get more done and make more money, filling in the online form can get boring, you can cut out the hard work by using pre filled software.

Free Paid Survey Sites

You may wonder why i am talking about free survey sites, this is because there are also paid ones. Some web sites will charge you just to get a list from them, you don't need to pay for this information. Cash crate, light speed and many more are free and require no sign cost at all. The good sites Are Free.

Here are some tips to help you make money doing surveys.

Make sure you sign up for the Free paid Surveys Sites


Be careful when filling in offers that require your personal information such as bank details. You should never gives account numbers or sensitive information out ever. The questionnaires should always be about your general shopping and consumer patterns and not your private financial details.

set a routine for filling them in, say 2 hours a day this will help you to earn consistently

Stick to just a couple of sites because allot have a minimum payout and if you join to many this minimum payout will be harder to reach