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Ways to Save Money on your shopping

If your are like me the you will do nearly all of your shopping online. I would usually just go right to the retailers site and buy, but not anymore. I have discovered it can be profitable to go on a little bit of a browse first!

I first found discount codes by reading a family members facebook update. She's just been shopping for new work uniforms and found a free delivery code to buy new medical scrubs. She received entirely totally free postage. This saved her a great deal of money which she was able to treat herself with. It reminded me of the advert which is everywhere at the moment “these would be the jeans you might have bought if you had used the discount voucher codes”! ok so the advert wasn't’ in those words, but you get my point. Using discount codes WILL save you money.

Once the young ones are in bed, all jobs are carried out and it is time for “me time”, I write a list of all the things I want to get .I love to call it my wish list! I note of all the suppliers that sell the goods I want to buy like below:

I then key in Google the retailers 1 by 1, followed by discount voucher codes. Like this “Littlewoods discount codes”. Bingo I get every one of these lovely money off coupons and I'm able to save lots of money.

Most of the sites which have these coupons and voucher codes will link straight to the merchants website, this is great because the code is already loaded on your behalf, but sometime you must copy and paste the promotional code in when you buy. If this is the situation i merely open my notepad on my computer making a note of them all.

Offers cover anything from free postage to money off your purchase. Whatever for searching for, you'll find ways of getting big savings that will leave you with some cash to acquire those little extras.