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Ways to Earn Money Free online

How to Earn Money Fast

First of all i am going to start by saying, i offer no quick solution just truthful advice.

In my view there are three ways to make money: generate savings which put pounds back in your pocket, getting freebies or deals and earn extra income.

Last week a cheque arrived in the post for £7.25. Two days later another arrived for £365.97. Not bad for 15 minutes work! What did I do to earn this? I simply called my energy supplier and asked for a refund from the money they were holding in my account.  But it gets better. I also negotiated a further £20 discount on my monthly payments going forward. That’s another £240 to me thank you very much!

Chances are you could save hundreds of pounds a month if you picked through your outgoings one by one.  Switching credit card balances to 0% cards, changing mobile phone tariffs and reducing your dependency on TV packages all mount up.

The new wave of sites offering coupons or deals will help you make your money go further. Friends “double dip” offers on Air Miles. After years of honing their tactics, if they don’t fly first class, they usually get a free upgrade. However nowadays vouchers and deals cover everything from the weekly shopping to deals on holidays and activities.

The quickest way to make regular extra cash without leaving the house is probably to get involved in ebay sales. Although even ebay sales have been hit by the downturn it’s still an easy way to get paid for clearing your house of rubbish! While it’s true some people make millions on ebay you’re best thinking of ebay as a way to earn some extra pocket money. Also if you are “handy” or crafty, check out etsy.com a site that specialises in the sale of handmade and vintage goods.

The other bonus of ebay is that its business model is transparent. The internet is full of gurus promising you the earth. Mostly these schemes just put money into the hands of the gurus. You have been warned!

Some other ways of earning but maybe not as quickly are selling affiliate products, selling your own items and even marketing other peoples!