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How to Avoid Scams

What is a scam?
The word scam is slang term for fraud it is often seen as a plan intended to defraud. To its victims it can mean severe losses in money. Scams don't just exist on the internet, they also exist in greatness off line.


I am not going to write a list of some of the scams that are lurking on the internet, if i did i would need more than one page that's for sure. Instead i am going to tell you the basic rules to avoiding getting scammed, how you can avoid scams and think before you enter into any money making opportunity that could potentially be a scam.

Types of scams
There are many different forms of scams that exist online, the most popular being the ones that try and get you to give out personal information or sell you something that is not as described for example:

Stolen credit cards; E-mails; Lotteries; Fake auctions; Untrustworthy Websites

How to avoid being scammed
This is pretty simple in all honesty and it requires you to apply a well known quote -

" if it seems too good to be true then it usually is"

The truth is, we would all love to be presented with wealth on a plate, but i am afraid this is almost non existent. In order to gain financial wealth online you need to work hard, very hard indeed. If website promises to make you rich then think carefully and research deeply before embarking on its presented opportunity. I am not saying that all websites that offer money making opportunities are scams, what i am saying is you must never get carried away and jump in before you think.

Most websites that are set up to offer its visitors a money making opportunity, are set up to make the webmaster rich and give the reader tools or knowledge to start them on there path of making money online. The problem is though what if a website does not deliver? what happens to your money? Yes the webmaster keeps it. They can often get away with it too because they have carefully worded their package on offer and it is usually the reader that has got all excited in their dream of becoming rich who has been quick to part with their money before thinking it through.

How to check if amoney making opportunity is legit?
If you are not the type that can start something of your own and would prefer to join in on a money making opportunity that already exists then you will not be short of offers. You can mainly get free money making advice just like this site ;) but you will also find some sites that require a subscription fee. If you are keen to get involved in a money making opportunity that does require you to part with some money then you must research them thoroughly first, how?

  1. Type in the websites domain name on google and see what comes up.
  2. Check out forums to see if other people have tried the opportunity, see what they think of it and find out if it has worked for them.
  3. Draw up a pro's and con's list just like the on on my earn from home page
  4. Make sure they have a contact page.
  5. Make sure they have a privacy page and you read it.

How can this website help?
This website is entitled Earn Money Free it gives you free information on the money making opportunities that are available online. It gives you the low down on each opportunity so that you can decide for yourself what to get involved with.

The best thing about free information sites like this is that you don't lose any money, i don't ask for any money and i don't try and get you to part with any personal information either.

You will find two things on this website, advice and ads. The ads are purely so that i can pay for the up keep of this site and the advice is from my own mind and from research i have performed. So what do you get?